Our Goal:

1) To help you BUY and SELL great stocks at the right time

2) To help you control your emotions in the process

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We are a small group of people from Harvard University who have joined together to provide a method of investing that is simple, profitable and lower risk!

We believe in understanding the market and investing in great stocks in strong industry groups that are breaking out of sound bases. We use a solid set of buy, hold and sell rules to maximize profits and minimizes losses. We are here to help you in this process.


Note: We are independent investors and are not affiliated with any brokerage firms, companies, publications or any other financial or investing institutions.

Personal Testimony

We have never liked the world of finances or investing. To us, it was boring, dry, complicated, and, a while back ago, the idea of ever becoming an investor would have made me laugh out loud.

But we became very excited after reading books by W. O'Neil, J. Livermore, G. Loeb, B. Baruch and E. Lefevre.

These people have changed our lives incredibly because they took this complex, dry and boring world of finance/investing and made it simple, understandable and exciting. And the use of candlestick charting makes this it a powerful combination.

When it comes to investing, our hard earned money is on the line and we don't like anything too risky. Our goal was to search for a method of investing that is simple, profitable and lower risk and this website are the results of that goal.


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