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1) To help you BUY and SELL great stocks at the right time

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1) Stocks on the verge of breakouts - We work hard each day to scour thousands of stocks and pick the one that are about to shoot up in price and make you money!

2) Daily Market Commentary - We have a great daily commentary section to keep you on the top of the market each day and give you a valuable lesson in investing. We even have a simple color coded system, red, yellow, green to let you when to jump in or get out of the market.

3) Make money in a Bear Market - If this uptrend collapses and turns into a bear market, we have created shorting techniques. We will using these shorting techniques to help you make money as stocks take a tumble.

4) FREE monthly phone consulting - Each month you get 2 hours of free one on one phone consulting to go over anything you want.  This alone will pay for your membership!

5) FREE 1 minute lesson series on investing - This is a great series we think you will love.


6) Do I hold or sell it? - We have a Hold/Section section that is updated daily and let's you know when to hold or when sell your stock to lock in profits!

7) FREE Phone sell alert - If you want, we can also call you to let you know when to sell at the right time.

8) FREE phone seminar - This is a 20 minute live one on one phone seminar that helps understand how we apply the greatest investment method in the world.

9) FREE tutorial - If you don't use our service, we teach you how to pick great stocks for yourself.

10) FREE weekly Charting Lesson - In a very simple way, we go over past stock winners and help you see the patterns of winning stocks

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