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2) To help you control your emotions in the process

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1) Stocks On The Verge Of Breakouts - We work hard each day to scour thousands of stocks and pick the ones that are about to breakout/shoot up in price and make you money!

2) Daily Market Commentary - We have a succint daily commentary section to keep you on the top of the market each day and give you a valuable lesson in investing.

3) 1-on-1 Monthly Phone Consulting We can go over your stocks, when to buy and sell, teach you charting patterns, help you control your emotions during buying/selling stocks and much much more! Click here to see some of the things you can go over. (Free Trial/Plus & Premium Plan)

4) Controlling Your Emotions - By knowing you can talk to us anytime and that we are watching over your stocks each day, you will be able to control all the greed, fear, hope, pride, worry etc. (Free Trial/Plus & Premium Plan)

5) FREE 1 Minute Lesson Series on Investing - This is a great series that is for your own edification and we think you will love it.



6) Do I Hold or Sell it? The hardest part of investing is selling at the right time! You get your own Hold/Sell webpage page that is updated daily and let's you know when to hold or when sell your stock to lock in profits! (Free Trial/Plus & Premium Plan)

7) Sell Alerts - Lock in profits! We can call/txt/email to let you know the right time to sell. (Free Trial/Plus & Premium Plan)

8) Unlimited Email Consulting Support - Ask any question you want on stocks, when to buy, sell, the market conditions etc. Click here to see some of the things you can go over. (Free Trial/Plus & Premium Plan)

9) FREE Monthly Charting Lessons - In a very simple way, we go over past stock winners and help you see the patterns of winning stocks.

10) Make Money in a Bear Market - If the market collapses, we help you make money on the way down! We have created shorting techniques to help you make money as stocks take a tumble. (Free Trial & Premium Plan)


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