Our Goal:

1) To help you BUY and SELL great stocks at the right time

2) To help you control your emotions in the process


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1 on 1

You get 1 hour every month! You will be able to talk live with a seasoned stock expert and go over any apsect of investing. (Free Trial and Plus Plan)

We help you:

• Analyze specific stock(s) of your interest.

• Help control the emotions (fear, anxiety and greed) of investing in stocks.

• Understand the aspects of using margin and the new daytrading/margin rules

• Discuss specific aspects of the stocks in your portfolio.

• Understand market direction by spotting distribution or follow through days.

• Gauge the 50% volume increase surge during breakouts.

• Talk about various online brokers that may fit your needs.

• Explain the 50-and-200 day moving average investment method.

• Understand chart reading.

• Give detailed checklists on all the three bases.

• Go over the details related to using streamers and other online investing topics.

• Discuss any other aspects of investing in growth stocks you would prefer like cutting losses or specific sell  rules on a particular stock, number of stocks you should invest in, post-trade analysis, and much more

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