Our Goal:

1) To help you BUY and SELL great stocks at the right time

2) To help you control your emotions in the process


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Great for newbies and advanced investors!

The key way to succeed in investing is to understand the market, put your money into stocks with strong fundamentals that are breaking out of sound bases, and to have a solid set of hold and sell rules to guide you. (Free Trial and Plus Plan)

We help you:

• Analyze specific stocks of your interest.

• Overcome the fear and anxiety of investing in stocks.

• Understand the aspects of using margin and the new daytrading/margin rules

• Discuss specific aspects of the stocks in your portfolio.

• Understand market direction by spotting distribution or follow through days.

• Gauge the 50% volume increase surge during breakouts.

• Talk about various online brokers that may fit your needs.

• Explain the 50-and-200 day moving average investment method.

• Understand chart reading.

• Give detailed checklists on all the three bases.

• Go over the details related to using streamers and other online investing topics.

• Discuss any other aspects of investing in growth stocks you would prefer like cutting losses or specific sell  rules on a particular stock, number of stocks you should invest in, post-trade analysis, and much more.




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